We Care

At Bubbles Dive Centre we do not do mass diving. You’ll never be part of a large group, crammed into mini buses or dive trucks, shipped around the island. We’ve made a commitment to our customers that we will always give a personalised and caring service to them, where their satisfaction is our priority. Those who dive with us are not customers of the sea but guests. If anyone wants to know why that is well it goes back to our philosophy, WE CARE… For too long the marine environment around Gozo has been neglected and we are now changing this. So, when you dive with us our philosophy is that we are guests of the underwater world and we treat it with the care and respect it deserves to make sure it will be there for generations to come. At Bubbles Dive Centre we will never force marine life out of its natural habitat, willfully damage delicate coral or fail to stop bad diving practices which do so much harm.

Our commitment to go even further and protect and improve the marine environment is already under way. When we take divers out they receive a unique briefing on how they can become low impact divers and the response has been amazing. All of our courses go further than what is ‘standard’ to make certain when divers qualify with us they have all the skills and understanding to become low impact divers in the true sense of the word. Our commitment to this has all be done without no extra cost to you. We’re doing this first and foremost because we truly care and not for money.


about showing you the best diving

Whilst we understand that you will want to visit some of the more famous sites such as the magnificent Blue Hole, we’ll also offer to take you to some of the lesser well known sites that can offer amazing dives. Our carefully planned briefings go further than the usual and tell you about how each dive site came about, what some of the challenges are in conserving these sites and what marine life to look out for on the dive.

about the marine environment

We live in a changing world and diving is no exception. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to dive in a place like the Great Barrier Reef or the Maldives then you will know that protecting the marine environment is crucial and as divers we have a major role to play in this. When you dive with us we have this same ethos. We care and want to protect the underwater world and our Dive Centre is the first in Gozo to proactively encourage and teach low impact diving.

about customer service

It’s your holiday so come and enjoy it and be treated as someone special by Gozo’s most caring Dive Centre. There are no packed minibuses or huge overloaded trucks at Bubbles Dive Centre. We’ve committed to make sure that on guided dives there is a maximum 4 divers to each guide, so you always feel special and part of an experience that your holiday should be. Your diving will be calm and relaxed. Diving takes place at a time that suits you and is not fixed. At Bubbles, all of your kit will be pre loaded onto your vehicle or boat ready for you when you arrive to take the pleasant journey to the dive site and when you return one of our caring team will take care of cleaning and rinsing your kit and it will all be ready and waiting for you on your next dive. Therefore you can have the freedom to enjoy the rest of your holiday.

about quality and safety

Sitting behind everything we do is our commitment to quality and safety. All of our vehicles and our Dive Centre has emergency oxygen, first aid kits and all of our staff are trained in emergency oxygen provision as well as first aid trained. All of our rental kit is brand new and not traditional ‘cheap’ kit. We only supply high quality branded equipment from all the major SCUBA Diving brands which means we have a full range of gear to make sure we have something exactly right for you.

We are an official PADI dive resort and we offer the full range of PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) courses and all our staff are fully qualified professionals recognised by PADI. All of our courses feature additional learning on low impact diving and how to become part of the growing global divers committed to protecting our underwater world.

about having fun

Last but certainly not least is the fun part. We want to make sure you have fun when diving with us. Of course diving is a serious sport but you come on holiday to enjoy yourself. When you choose to dive with us you will find warm welcoming faces and a team that is committed to making sure you get the most out of your holiday in a fun packed adventurous way.