Open Water Diver

Technical Diving with Us

Let’s face it as a qualified Tec Diver you know that there are more risks involved than recreational diving so safety becomes an even bigger concern.  So at Bubbles we keep our policy of only offering guided diving to make sure you get the best of what Gozo and Malta has to offer.  2014 sees the introduction of our new boat which will allow us to explore ever more of the island and wrecks further afield.

Tec diving with us will be a different experience to what you have done before, this is because of our much more personalised service, we will discuss with you what dives you want to do and we can advise on some of the special areas for technical diving as well as a wealth of information about the wrecks around our islands.  We have a full range of equipment available to rent, everything is fully serviced and kept in perfect condition.  Scroll down for more details.

Technical Training with Us

If you are looking for something different from your diving then this could be it.  You can take your diving to a different level and explore places you cannot go with your recreational diving qualifications.  Gozo and Malta are famous for wrecks and some of these are too deep to explore with a recreational diving qualification.  So learning to become a technical diver could be perfect for you if this is what interests you.  You will go deeper for longer than ever before, you will learn in a safe environment under careful supervision from Dave all aspects of technical diving and will learn to make accelerated decompression stops using mixed gases unto 100% O2 if you complete the Tec 50 course.

There is a lot to learn in Tec diving and PADI have come up with a great way of developing your skills by breaking the whole course down into 3 separate courses, each one allowing you to develop your experience and complete over a longer period if you have time constraints, each module comes with its own certification so even if you only complete Tec 40 you will be certified Tec 40 diver and able to all the things listed for that level.  Then you can continue at any time with Tec 45 and Tec 50.  Each module takes approximately

Dave is our Technical instructor and is a fully qualified PADI Tec Rec Instructor and he will spend the time needed to ensure you get the very best training, just like all our courses we have very small numbers and with all Tec Rec courses at our dive centre the maximum number of students per course is 2.

Technical Equipment

Tec equipment needs to be good, very good!  So we have chosen to use ScubaPro’s range of technical dive equipment for our dive centre.

BCD’s – we use the ScubaPro X-Tek series of BCD’s with additional lift capacity ensuring we can meet all divers needs.

Regs – We use ScubaPro Mk25 first stage with 2 x S600 second stages

Tanks – we have 12L twins with 7Ltr stages

Gases – we can supply all mixes up to 100% O2 up to 300 bar

Tec 40

This is the first step into the Tec diving world and after this course you will be qualified to do the following

  • Use decompression software and dive computers to plan and make decompression dives with no more than 10 minutes of total decompression and not deeper than 40 metres/130 feet.
  • Use a single cylinder of decompression gas with up to 50 percent oxygen (EANx50) to add conservatism to the required decompression.

Duration – 3 days

For more information please use the following link to connect direct to the PADI Tec 40 information page.

Tec 45

For this course you will already be qualified to Tec 40 level and now we expand your knowledge in the following areas

  • The skills and equipment and planning need to dive to a maximum of 45 metres/145 feet
  • The knowledge to plan and execute single and repetitive decompression dives using a single stage cylinder of EANx or oxygen to accelerate or add conservatism to the decompression stops.
  • There would be no time limit to amount of decompression
  • Prepare for and respond to foreseeable technical diving emergencies
  • Master the basic skills and procedures you’ll need as you move into deeper technical diving

Duration – 3 days

For more information please use this link to connect direct to the PADI Tec 45 information page.

Tec 50

The Tec 50 course completes your training in this area and qualifies you to make full decompression dives independently with 2 Deco gases

  • Make actual decompression dives as deep as 50 metres/165 feet
  • Use enriched air nitrox and/or oxygen for decompression
  • Use desk top decompression software to create custom dive tables and plan your dives
  • Qualify to make technical decompression dives independently

Duration – 3 days

For more information please use this link to connect direct to the PADI Tec 50 information page.