All courses include all materials and full equipment including computer and everything else you need for the course.

Guided diving

Guided Dive Packs

Guided diving with professional instructor and maximum 4 customers – Including weights and tank, land transport to and from dive site

  • 1 Dive (shore)€50
  • 2 or more Dives (shore)€43
  • 6 Dive Pack (shore)€228
  • 10 Dive Pack (shore)€350

Pack prices are per Diver and cannot be shared

Courses and eLearning


Most PADI courses use “eLearning” for the theory, all our prices quoted include this price – There is nothing more to pay.  The advantage of this is that you can complete all your dive knowledge theory before you arrive with us giving you more free time on holiday.

Click here to register for eLearning, remember the price of this is taken off the price you pay us when you arrive.

If you have any questions please email us for further information.



Special Offer – 5% off all PADI course prices when booking the same course for 2 people. (please note this does not include PADI Discover SCUBA Diving experience)

Important – All our courses include equipment hire and all materials including the eLearning price, manuals, slates etc. Most Dive Centres charge extra for required materials. You pay nothing more than our advertised price – We Care!
If you opt for eLearning, click on our links and the amount you pay is simply deducted of your final bill.


  • Discover SCUBA Diving€55
  • PADI Re-Activate €130
  • PADI Scuba Diver €250
  • PADI Scuba Diver to Open Water upgrade €270
  • PADI Open Water Diver €420
  • PADI Open Water Referral €260
  • PADI Advanced Open Water €330
  • PADI Rescue Diver €295
  • Emergency First Response  €130
  • PADI Divemaster € – contact us for options



  • Boat Diver€150
  • Dive Against Debris€100
  • Cavern Diver€230
  • Deep Diver€180 (3 dives) €210 (4 Dives)*
  • Fish Identification€160
  • Underwater Navigation€180
  • Night Diver€180
  • Oxygen Provider€110
  • Wreck Diver€180 (3 Dives) €210 (4 Dives)*
  • Enriched Air Diver€110
  • Underwater Naturalist€180
  • Underwater photographer€200
  • Search and Recovery€180
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy€150
  • Equipment Maintenance€95
  • AWARE – Our World our Water€95

*Customers who have completed the PADI Deep & Wreck adventure dives as part of their Advance Open Water Course will only need to complete 3 dives, everyone else will need to complete 4 dives.

Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire

  • Full Kit,€15 per dive – €20 per day.
  • Regulator,€8 per dive – €10 per day.
  • BCD,€8 per dive – €10 per day.
  • Shorty,€6 per dive – €9 per day.
  • Wet suit,€8 per dive – €10 per day.
  • Torch,€15 per day.
  • Mask and snorkel,€8 per dive, €10 per day.
  • Fins and boots,€8 per dive, €10 per day.
  • Dive Computer,€10 per day.
  • Night Dive,€10
  • Nitrox upto 28% – 32%,€7 per fill
  • 15L tank,€3 per dive


  • A note on dive computers – your safety is our priority.  Dive Computers are becoming standard practice in diving so all our courses include the use of a computer.  For guided diving we strongly recommend using a dive computer on every dive.  Any dive deeper than 18M is dive computer is mandatory for diving with us at Bubbles, if you do not own one we have special prices for the rental of dive computers.
  • Please remember that all our courses include all the equipment you need to complete your course
  • Nitrox – please note if diving with Enriched Air we cannot guarantee all divers (from your group of 4) will be using the same gas and therefore while you will have added contingency your bottom time may not be increased as we always prioritise safety and dive as a group.

Boat Diving

Single Dives – per person

Bubbles own private boat
Prices quoted are per person (minimum numbers apply) – for details of zones please click on picture below. Please note these prices are in addition to guided dive price.

  • Zone A –  €25 per person
  • Zone B – €30 per person
  • Zone C – €35 per person
  • Zone D – €35 per person

Prices are per person in addition to guided dive price.

Check out the the diving spots we can offer.

Two Tank Dives (euros) – per person

Bubbles own private boat
Prices quoted are per person (minimum numbers apply) – for details of zones please click on picture below.  Please note these prices are in addition to guided dive price.


  • Zone A – €30 per person
  • Zone B – €35 per person
  • Zone C – €40 per person
  • Zone D – €50 per person

ex. The furthest Zone dived is the price for both dives

Technical Diving

PADI Tec Courses

Special Offer – 10% off Tec course prices when booking the same course for 2 people.

All our courses include equipment hire, twin cylinders, stages, gases, and certification fees*. Learning materials not included

  • Tec40 €400
  • Tec45 €450
  • Tec50 €500
  • Additional training sessions €50
  • Learning materials €80

*Should students request / require additional training, this can be provided at €50 per session

Guided Tec Dive

All our guided dives include twin 12L steel cylinders, a single 7L aluminium stage up to 80% (other mixes available), weights, emergency equipment, and land transport to and from the dive site.

  • Guided Tec Dive €90
  • Equipment hire (harness, wing, regs) €15
  • Supplement for 100% O2  €5
  • Supplement for boat diving €15+ (see boat pricing)
  • Supplement for deep Malta wrecks POR

All of our guided dives are with a fully trained technical diving instructor

Payments – we accept cash or credit cards (Visa / MasterCard)