Diving in Gozo & Malta

This really is what it is all about, the diving in Gozo  is nothing short of amazing. When we came and spent our first season here we fell in love with the place. Gozo and Malta was voted the 2nd best diving destination in the world by Diver magazine readers in 2016 making it the top place to dive in Europe.

The reasons for this are simple, we have crystal clear water with 30 metre visibility, water temperatures up to 28’C during the summer and some absolutely stunning underwater topography that will take your breath away (not literally of course). Whether this is your first diving experience or you are an experienced diver we have something waiting for you. From lovely calm bays to deep caverns and swim throughs. We have the world famous Blue Hole, an absolutely magnificent dive into crystal clear water and views that will be stay in your memory forever. We also have more challenging dives such as Booming Cave which is a large underwater cavern or Double Arch with its amazing rock formation and we can not go without mentioning the three wrecks we have at Xatt L’Ahmar, simply awesome. There are over 80 dive sites in Gozo alone that can be reached from the shore or by our own boat so you will never get bored.

Of course if you do want something a bit further afield then you must try Comino a small island with a few incredible dive sites such as Santa Maria Point (Comino Caves) where the Count of Monte Cristo hid his treasure. or the P31 ex naval patrol vessel at a maximum dpeth of 18M makes this a great dive for Open Water Divers or more experienced. We also offer diving in Malta where you will find an array of wrecks. We will speak to you when you arrive to make you get the best sites specially planned for you. dive map for more information on dive sites.

Bubbles Dive Boat

We are one of the few Dive Centres to have their own Dive Boat. We have a a 7.5M luxury RIB.  Continuing our commitment to offer personalised service, this boat was been chosen to allow our customers maximum comfort and tailored dive boat experience. The boat is quick, fun and comfortable, has satellite navigation, is registered in Malta and conforms to all commercial safety requirements. We offer boat trips every day to sites all over the islands and many that cannot be accessed by land

The boat, a Lencraft 7.5m Rigid Inflatable Boat was been chosen to ensure maximum comfort and safety for our customers and opens up some significant new dive sites as well as offering half day and full day dive excursions directly from our dive centre in Marsalforn.  We can offer offer clients trips to Comino and some dive sites on Malta, avoiding long journeys by car.

The boat features a 200HP Evinerude 2 stroke engine with a special prop that has been designed to reduce fuel consumption and helps our commitment to reducing environmental impact.  We will also be extremely careful when using the boat on the water to ensure there is no negative environmental impact.  We also promise to only anchor when absolutely necessary for the safety of our customers and then only in an area that won’t cause damage to the environment.  We will continue to push in our efforts to have permanent buoys at Dive Sites.

The Office II


Our promise of a maximum group size of four remains for the boat as well so you will not be crammed in with lots of other divers.

Our boat departs from right outside our Chill Bar & Café so you can sit there and relax while our team prepares and loads all you kit on the boat. When you get back from your dive you can step off the boat and back to the Chill Bar & Café for some après dive drinks and snacks. A perfect day.

The Office II has an aluminium hull which is built to withstand the toughest conditions keeping you safe on the water. It has a super deep V, wide chines and large diameter tube, which offer high manoeuvrability and a soft dry ride even in the roughest conditions.

The comfort and safety of our customers is really important for us and that is why we have invested in a tough and reliable boat, the type of which is a standard choice in commercial operations such as Police and Rescue teams. so we have got a boat you know will give you the luxury you expect from Bubbles, the safety we promise and the ability to get you anywhere around the islands fast.

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Dive Sites

This is our Diving Map of Gozo and shows some of the most popular dives sites around Gozo and Comino.  There are many more special sites depending on what your preferences are, when you dive with us we will discuss all options with you to help you decided which dives you want to do. Remember we don’t do fixed diving so you have a lot of choice.


We have everything to hand to make your diving with us a pleasurable memorable experience. From the moment you walk into our shop your fun begins. We have modern dive trucks, there will be no mad rush in the mornings as everyone clambers to get all their kit together, because our staff will take care of everything. Our team will wash and clean your kit every day, pack in your box and have it loaded onto our truck or boat ready for when you arrive.

We have a brand new state of the the Baeur PE400 super silent compressor, with the extra SuperKool pre filling cooler and 4 bank filling station. New in 2017 we have invested in 4 new super large 300 bar HP storage banks to ensure air is available in the unlikely event of a power failure. This enables the purest quality air filled in a safe environment ensuring your safety at all times.
We also offer Enriched Air diving and for technical diving with mixtures up to 100% O2

All of our rental equipment is Aqualung, the global leading brand in SCUBA diving.  We give our customers the very best quality equipment when they rent from us, all the equipment is serviced according to Aqualung’s recommended service intervals  and all servicing records are available for inspection at the dive centre.

Our Facilities
We have eveything to hand to make your diving with us a pleasurable memorable experience. From the moment you walk into our shop your fun begins.
Technical Diving
Let’s face it as a qualified Tec Diver you know that there are more risks involved than recreational diving so safety becomes an even bigger concern.
Rental Equipment
The quality of the equipment you use is very important to us, that’s why our rental equipment is all brand new for this season.