About Us

Welcome to Bubbles Dive Centre in Gozo, where our core values revolve around personal service, environmental stewardship, and professionalism. As one of the top Professional training centres globally and one of the only ten Platinum PADI Career Development Centres in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, we stand tall in our commitment to excellence.


Our dedication to personal service is reflected in our small group sizes, with a maximum of four divers per guide. This ensures that each diver receives personalized attention, tailored guidance, and enhanced safety measures throughout their diving experience with us.


At Bubbles, we deeply care about the environment. We are proud to be the only PADI EcoCentre in Gozo & Malta, emphasising environmental conservation through initiatives like our Environmental Research and Conservation Training Programme. This program runs alongside our professional development courses, allowing divers to actively engage in protecting our marine ecosystems while advancing their skills.


Our professionalism sets us apart as leaders in the diving industry. We uphold the highest standards of training and education, ensuring that our divers receive top-notch instruction and guidance from our experienced team. Join us at Bubbles Dive Centre and experience diving at its finest, where every dive is an opportunity to explore, learn, and contribute to a sustainable future.

Our Team

Chris Dennis
Managing Director, Elite Master Instructor & Tec Trimix Instructor
Lee Rigby
Director Of Diving, Elite Master Instructor & EFR Instructor Trainer
Gemma Rigby
Dive Centre Manager & Open Water SCUBA Instructor
David Hayler-Montague
Platinum Course Director
Donna Hayler-Montague
Customer Care Manager
Emily Bell
Environmental Research and Conservation Programme Manager
Stephen Ruff
IDC Staff Instructor
Victor Natalias Ruiz
Open Water SCUBA Instructor
Kevin Payet
Open Water SCUBA Instructor